Dear kid from school,

     Hi. You aren’t going to see this but you have the most amazing taste in music at our school, ever. Today you were wearing a Brand New pullover. I’ve seen you wearing a Man Overboard pullover, a Transit crewneck, a Balance and Composure shirt and a Title Fight pullover. I secretly always look for you whenever it’s passing period to see what you’re wearing. I get excited every time I see you wearing one of the bands I listen to. I want to walk up to you and tell you that I love all the same music you do and I love you but I am too shy and obviously creepy. I just want to be your friend. Because then we could hangout and listen to the same amazing music together and bond over it and talk about how no one at our school has as great music taste as we do. But again, I am too shy and I am going to continue stalking you from afar and wishing you were my friend.

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    omfg remember this and then I saw him at warped tour during transit and we totally fell in love
  2. cataclysmic-chaos said: Find out which is his locker and leave a note in it?(: